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Just wanted to drop you a quick e-mail and let you know that we all had a great hunt with you this past November. I can honestly say that after making hunting trips every year, that this hunt was one of the best I have ever been on. We were treated better than I had expected. As for the hunt, I can think of no better way or place to hunt. You were all great to hunt with and very helpful after the harvest. We felt very welcome at your place and enjoyed the hunt immensely. We will be back in 2008, and I will be looking for that 150 class. Thanks for everything and for a wonderful hunt.

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I decided to send this direct that way I would ensure you received this letter. Thanks again for a super deer hunt and I look for to seeing you again with a larger group in late muzzleloader in 2008.

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I want to thank Mitch, Clay, & guides for a Whitetail hunt, I will never forget. In my home state of Illinois it is illegal to hunt deer with a high power rifle, due to the flat terrain. I decided to book a hunt with Mo-Whitetail  in order to hunt with my new savage 30-06. On the second day of hunting there had already been several nice bucks killed on the farm. I was setup in a tower blind in a pasture overlooking an alfalfa field. After sunrise, I watched a buck about a half mile away running back and forth in a meadow showing off for some does and yearlings.
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We had a great hung with Mo-Whitetail this year. My Son and I both harvested the biggest whitetails we have ever killed. Mine scored 150 3/8" and his scored 142.

Everyone associated with Mo-Whitetail works hard for the hunter. They do whatever they can to give the hunter an opportunity to harvest a good buck.

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Thanks for the opportunity to hunt with you again this year. During the 03-04 season my Dad and I hunted with you for 3 days in 10-15 degrees of weather. It was frigid but a good hunt. We both saw good bucks and several deer but never fired a shot. We could see the potential of the area and decided then to return the following year. We returned in 04-05 for a 5-day hunt and just had a great hunt. On the 3rd day of the hunt my Dad harvested a 150 3/8" inch 9 point with a 6 1/8" base. He made a great shot at 275 yards out of a tower stand.

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Well this was my 4th year hunting with you at Mo-Whitetail. In the past 3 years I have taken 2 10 pointers and a nice 11 Point, all of which most people would love to have the chance at. Each of those years after filling my tag I saw a much larger buck while sitting in the stand admiring the deer activity around me with nothing but a camera. I told myself that this year I was going to wait for the “Big One” before pulling the trigger.

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